A Free Society Reader

Principles for the New Millennium


A Free Society Reader rises to the challenge of freedom in the twenty-first century, offering thoughts and insights with significant implications for citizens of today's brand new world. Our era's most prominent figures in the fields of Christianity and liberty speak about Pope John Paul II's vision of a free society, conceptualize Christianity and political economy, debate issues of democracy and the free society, and question the role of culture.

Together for the first time in one volume, these preeminent thinkers provide inspiration and insight to scholars, students, and general readers charting the enormous changes the new millennium has seen.

Originally Published: 2000


“This book illuminates the critical questions at the juncture between the failure of socialism and the creation of a new society and economy. The discussion is dazzling, original and profound.”

Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
Georgetown University

“Slowly, steadily, powerfully, a new way of thinking about the relationships among religion, ethics, politics, and economics has emerged in the past several decades. There is no better introduction to the creative groups of thinkers who are forging this new movement, which is as concerned for virtue and responsibility as much as it is for prosperity and liberty.”

Robert Royal
Faith and Reason Institute