EWTN Weekly Series

A Force for Good: Michael Novak, an American Catholic Philosopher

In a two-part series, Jay Richards delves into the life and ideas of the late Michael Novak, an American Catholic philosopher, journalist, novelist, and former seminarian who distinguished himself as one of Catholicism's brightest lights in the 1960s. 

Part 1

This episode of “A Force for Good” highlights Michael‘s accomplishments and influence, and stars colleagues/friends (Robert Sirico, Andreas Widmer, Alejandro Antonio Chafuen, Samuel Gregg, Liz Shaw, and more) and family (Jana Novak, Rich Novak, Mary Ann Novak, Ben Novak). 


Part 2

Jay Richards continues his look into the life and ideas of the late Michael Novak, exploring some of his best-known publications and listening as family, friends, and colleagues share their memories of the influential Catholic philosopher.


EWTN Series: A Force for Good

“A Force for Good” is an EWTN series that approaches business as a God-given vocation rather than a career. Every episode provides a model on how to look at economics and business in a way that’s morally responsible, applying Catholic teaching to every business decision. It is co-produced with The Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics of The Catholic University of America. 

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Michael Novak speaks about “What is the teaching of social justice?”

From the Heritage Foundation: The Catholic University of America School of Business & Economics and the Napa Institute hosted a “Conference on Human Ecology: Integrating 125 Years of Catholic Social Doctrine” on March 18, 2016.

The Conference focused on such fundamental questions as: What is required for a truly sustainable, widespread, and inclusive prosperity? What is the vocation of business leaders who are committed to their Catholic faith, to the common good, and to the life of virtue? Read more about the conference here.

Michael Novak took part in this critically important discussion with the following speech.


Tocqueville, Novak, and the Challenge of Socialism

Few scholars have articulated such profound insights into the nature and destiny of America as the nineteenth century French political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville and the twentieth century American theologian Michael Novak. Each man also had much to say about the rise and popularity of an idea that has regained great traction in America today, especially among young Americans - Socialism.

The reflections of Tocqueville and Novak about the character of Socialism are deeply relevant for understanding why people, both in their time and in ours, are attracted to an economic system - whether of the command economy or social democratic variety - that has inflicted enormous political and economic damage on entire societies.


Throughout his career, Michael often appeared on C-Span, as the nonpartisan television channel regularly filmed his lectures or panel discussions. 

His talks covered a broad range of issues of importance, and often were focused on one of the nearly 50 books he wrote. Topics varied from capitalism to politics, from social justice to theology, from philosophy to sports, and from the American Founding to current events, among many other issues. 

You can view a variety of these speaking engagements on C-Span by clicking the button below. 

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Michael gave many speeches and lectures during his career, as well as participated in numerous panel discussions on his areas of expertise.

These talks covered issues from capitalism, economics, politics, theology, history, sports, the American Founding, and more. 

Many of Michael's talks, speeches, discussions, etc, have been posted to YouTube, and you can view these speaking engagements by clicking the button below. 

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