Spirit of Democratic Capitalism


“One of those rare books that actually changes the way things are.”

Originally Published: 1982


“…a richness of analysis that challenges the reviewer…a stunning achievement…The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism may prove one of those rare books that actually changes the way things are.”

Samuel McCracken

“The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism will become a classic.”

Jack Kemp


“Incredible as it may seem, this is the first book to provide us with a critical appreciation of democratic capitalism from a theological point of view. It is unquestionably a major work for our times.”

Irving Kristol
Editor, The Public Interest


“This thoroughly documented study breaks… new ground in theological speculation, in a manner that almost certainly will give rise to challenge and controversy by its very newness of approach. Those who differ with the fundamental thesis of this book, however, will find a formidable array of evidence and cogent reasoning with which to contend.”

John Tracy Ellis
Catholic University of America

“The most significant new perspective on capitalism since Adam Smith. It is a stunning treatment of the moral foundations of capitalism in theory and practice.”

Robert E. Dee
Chairman, SmithKline Corporation

“Novak’s genius is that he resolutely refuses to remove economic life from the political and cultural context.”

George Weigel

“…a sophisticated and often original defense of Western democratic capitalism, and a hymn to its spirit of freedom and pluralism.”

Charles Krauthammer

“…a book that has changed the religious landscape.”

J.A. Varacalli
Nassau Community College

“An important book. Novak offers a reasoned defense of democratic capitalism as an ideal as well as a social reality…. His argument is lucid, in places brilliant. It should be taken with great seriousness and discussed widely….”

Peter Berger
Boston University

“Novak’s carefully woven theological and political argument succeeds.”

Walter Isaacson
Time Magazine