Michael smallA great story of bravery is being written across the face of history in our time, in these very days, among 50 million people whose vision and dreams and admiration for bravery we share. When I think how brave the people of Ukraine are right now, particularly the students there whom I know, and some professors, some bishops, some journalists, I can hardly bear how much they are suffering. There are so many uncertainties. Their lives are in danger.

Oh, I wish Ronald Reagan were here to speak for liberty. To speak for them. I remember how he told us to keep the people of Poland in our hearts – and light candles in our windows in a sign of communion with them – in the worst days of the militant crackdown under martial law early in the 1980s.

It sorrows me that the great distance gained for freedom in the years that followed is now being surrendered. A regime of dishonesty, lies, and thuggery is arising in that neighborhood again.

Today, Ukraine is at a tipping point. It had been leaning toward the West. Now Putin is bribing, threatening, and pulling it toward the East, into Russia’s embrace.  All that was gained for liberty during the past 25 years is in danger.

Pray for Ukraine. Light candles of hope and solidarity in your hearts. If you can, show those with lights all across the land.