The Lord God In Embryo

For the Feast of the AnnunciationBy Michael Novak

“Mary?... Mary!” The Angel said, pursuing. “Did I catch you musing? Hail, Mary. Do not be afraid, I bring you news: The Lord God of Hosts Has chosen you –

(Creator of the Sun and moon and all the stars! Of angels, saints, and men And lovely maids like you.)

In your case, full of grace – There is no sin in you. The Lord God has chosen you, And asks you, Mary, To bear His only Son, The Redeemer of the world.

Do not be afraid. Do not be ashamed. Before Time was, He knew you, Mary, And made you for this holy joy. Blessed are you, Mary, And blessed is His boy within you—

Emmanuel, Born of the House of David, Brought to birth by you For the saving of the world. (To bring all children home.)”

“Yes,” she said.

And the Spirit of the Lord Poured Light in her, The Father’s seed Took root In Embryo.

Among all women, Mary, He has chosen you. Before Time was He chose you And made you for this holy joy Blessed are you, Mary! And blessed in you is His little boy.